+ Projects of new work and rehabilitation

Drafting of new construction projects and rehabilitation for single-family and multi-family homes, as well as equipment and premises.


+ Reports and certificates

EXPERTS: writing of expert reports for judicial claims, estimation of damages for constructive pathologies and any other required purpose.
BUILDING EVALUATION REPORT (IEE): mandatory for homes over 50 years to know the state in which the property is located.
ENERGY CERTIFICATES: mandatory to sell, rent or advertise a property.


+ Valuations

We perform appraisals and valuations of all types of properties and for various purposes such as mortgage collateral, advice on purchases, inheritances, liquidation of companies, divorces ... We also have technicians approved by companies authorized by the Bank of Spain such as Tinsa, UVE and ATV Value.



+ Design of spaces

Virtual reality, global business image, chromography and infographics.


+ Planimetric and topographic surveys

Measurements of homes and any type of property. As well as rethinking and measuring farms.


+ Legalizations

Parcels, segregations and groupings: procedures to adapt buildings to municipal planning; as well as division or grouping of farms and / or plots.


+ Other works

Technical support and management of procedures in all Public Administrations. As well as rectification of disparities between reality and cadastre and management of licenses for the opening of premises and activity.

+ Advice

+ Cadastral procedures and in Public Administrations

+ Processing of licenses